Threads of Change

Recently finished (is anything ever actually done?) a project I have been working on since August.

My boss from DreamWorks Animation, Rhion Magee, and her partner, Laura Pursell, started a company called “Threads of Change” with the goal of creating and designing products with a purpose. They combine functionality with inspiration, but also want to make a difference so they donate a portion of their proceeds to women in a town called Okurase in Ghana, Africa.

They make beautiful iPad and Nook sleeves from Mudcloth they find in Ghana, and they also make other items such as belts, bracelets, shirts, coasters, etc.

Their iPad sleeve was just featured in “InStyle” magazine December 17th.

Threads of Change iPad featured in "Instyle" Magazine

I was fortunate enough to work with these two amazing women in creating a logo, business cards, and designing and building a website to sell their beautiful items.

Logo I created for Threads of Change

Business Cards for Rhion and Laura.

Threads of Change Website I designed and built.

Check out the website and browse through the shop. I bet you’ll find something perfect to buy for the holidays!


2 thoughts on “Threads of Change

  1. John Taylor says:

    Awesome work! I really like threads on the word change.

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