Angkor Wat and Chanting Monks

This morning we took a flight from Luang Probang, Laos to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The airports were both so tiny and the flight was only just over an hour so it was an easy trip!

We arrived at our hotel, called the Grand Hotel D’Angkor – the oldest hotel in Siem Reap. I jumped right into the pool and then got changed to go visit Cambodia’s most prized posession- Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is a temple complex built for the king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his personal temple and capital city. It is a world heritage site and the world’s largest religious building.

Outside Angkor Wat

Me at Angkor Wat


Bass Reliefs at Angkor Wat, 1,850 girls throughout the temple.


Buddha inside Angkor Wat


Monk praying at Angkor Wat


Rock formations found throughout.


Oh daddy..

It was also used in “Tomb Raider.” We ran into a film being shot while we were there and when we asked what the film was we got the response of “it is going to be like Tomb Raider, but with Tigers! And Chinese.” Keep an eye out!

Filming of a Chinese movie "like tomb raider but chinese and with TIGERS!"

After we finished walking around Angkor Wat, we went over to a small temple next door. It was around 6 p.m. which is when the monks gather at each temple and chant. They do this twice a day, once before sunrise, and once right before sunset. We sat with the monks before they began their chants, and I was surprised when they began talking to me and looking me in the eyes. I have been under the impression until now that you are not to look a monk in the eyes or talk to one if you are a girl. This is because they have given up the ability to have any type of relation with a woman, so talking to them or looking them in the eyes is seen as tempting them. While it was still clear that I was not to touch any of them or even get too close, it was nice to have a conversation with them.

Their chants were almost hypnotizing. I closed my eyes and took in the humming and words of the ancient words. It was beautiful.

Sunset chant

After we listened and watched the monks chant, we walked back through Angkor Wat in the dark. A slightly eerie but also a spiritual experience. We were the only ones left in the complex because it had closed almost 2 hours prior.

Silhouette of Angkor Wat at night.

Good night!

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2 thoughts on “Angkor Wat and Chanting Monks

  1. Rianna says:

    Your photos are awesome and so are your adventures! Did you and your parents go by yourselves to these places or did you go with a travel group? Which travel group may I ask? My friend and I want to go too!

    • ciòcheamo says:

      Thank you! My mom chose all of the places to visit and the hotels to stay at and sent that information to a travel company calls “Asia Transpacific Journeys” who then booked everything and took care of the details. We weren’t with a group but we did have a driver and a guide each day which was very helpful. Where do you and your friend want to visit? It is definitely an adventure worth taking, we saw and learned so much!

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