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Well here I am, a recent graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design. So let the adventures begin!

It didn’t take me long after I wore the square hat with that funny tassel to get on a plane and jump the big pond over to Italy, the land of literally.. Ciò Che Amo.

I came over with my mom and instead of being normal and going out for a bite to eat after 24 hours of traveling, we headed straight to the market and made a feast fit for 10. Of course I was a bit out of it and didn’t take a photo for proof of this feast, but lunch today is a sample of what is expected of a meal in Italy.

Made with fresh basil, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, balsamic glaze, and pepper on top of a thin flatbread which we toasted in a pan for a few minutes. An amazingly healthy and delicious lunch! And no you don’t have to be in Italy to make or eat this!

Of course I would never forget about graphic design. Check out my NEW portfolio site!

And while I wait for the rain to go away and for the fox to return my shoe (yes a fox stole my shoe while I was outside yesterday), I’ll be working on a website for my dad’s new company “Nautilus Homes.”

This Summer is going to be full of good food, adventures, and design so keep your eyes peeled for updates!


Threads of Change

Recently finished (is anything ever actually done?) a project I have been working on since August.

My boss from DreamWorks Animation, Rhion Magee, and her partner, Laura Pursell, started a company called “Threads of Change” with the goal of creating and designing products with a purpose. They combine functionality with inspiration, but also want to make a difference so they donate a portion of their proceeds to women in a town called Okurase in Ghana, Africa.

They make beautiful iPad and Nook sleeves from Mudcloth they find in Ghana, and they also make other items such as belts, bracelets, shirts, coasters, etc.

Their iPad sleeve was just featured in “InStyle” magazine December 17th.

Threads of Change iPad featured in "Instyle" Magazine

I was fortunate enough to work with these two amazing women in creating a logo, business cards, and designing and building a website to sell their beautiful items.

Logo I created for Threads of Change

Business Cards for Rhion and Laura.

Threads of Change Website I designed and built.

Check out the website and browse through the shop. I bet you’ll find something perfect to buy for the holidays!

Can’t Get Enough of Cali.

Just got back from an amazing trip out to California with my brother for his 28th birthday.

Finished finals at 10:30 pm on Thursday, went home, packed, and was at the airport at 5 am.

Flew into Los Angeles and went straight to visit my old co-workers at DreamWorks for some good ol’ Family Feud time. So fun! especially when there are horrid Christmas sweaters involved.

Decking out my Christmas Sweater for Family Feud at DreamWorks.

No words could describe Ricky's Getup.

The Consumer Product's Creative Family "The Griswalds"

After loosing family feud, we kept our heads up and went out for a genuine Mariachi Battle in East LA

Then headed out to Unique LA, an independent design and gift show for handcrafted and vintage items.
I was a bit overwhelmed but came across the perfect item, something that has great meaning to my life as a designer.

Giant Plastic ⌘Z Wall Hanging

There was so much more sightseeing and great eating on this trip, but I will leave you with one of the best meals I had while driving up the coast to San Francisco. It was at a tiny place that looked like someone’s cottage home called “The Black Cat Bistro.”

If you are ever in Cambria near Hearst Castle, you must have a meal here! The prices are reasonable and the food is mouthwatering.
We started with the Winter Squash Ravioli – vanilla cream, sage brown butter, spiced pecans ($8)

Winter Squash Ravioli - Black Cat Bistro

And then I got one of my favorite dishes.. tuna!
Rare Seared Yellowfin Ahi – Butter braised jasmine rice, ginger wasabi sauce, Vietnamese slaw, peanuts, roasted shiitakes, crispy shallots ($23)

Rare-Seared Yellowfin Ahi at The Black Cat Bistro

Besides the beautiful presentation, I knew I was in for a good main course when I went to cut my tuna with a fork and it glided through like butter. The rest of the dinner went just as smooth. All the way down to the water, which I thought had to be some type of special water, turns out mountain tap water is just amazing!

More of California to come soon!

California Adventure

An overview of a recent adventure would be my Summer in Los Angeles. I’m starting with this because it encompassed all that this blog is about – great food, lots of traveling, and graphic design everyday.

I ventured out to California for an internship at DreamWorks Animation SKG to work in their Consumer Products Creative Department. It happened so quickly that I only had a few days to pack, find a place, and get myself out there. But I did it, and had a blast.

I’ll be sharing some work I did at DreamWorks later on in here. For now I want to tell you about my adventures. I explored Los Angeles’ natural side to no end- who knew there was so much surrounding the city!

The biggest feat was summating Mount Baldy- the 3rd largest peak in SoCal(10,064 ft.). I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I came with a half a sandwich and a bottle of water. Luckily people donated some food once I got to the top, and I found a stream along the way to fill my bottle.

I also have to tell you about the most amazing fried chicken and waffles I have ever indulged in. And yes I enjoyed them both at the same time on the same plate at “Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.” Talk about melt in your mouth wonderful! If you ever make it to LA there are a few of these around, don’t miss it!

Ciò Che Amo

“Ciò Che Amo” – Italian for “What I Love”

And that’s what I’ll be showing you on here.

I’m Marina, a passionate Graphic Designer with an equal love for food and travel. The way I design is the way I live my life, I look for the deeper meaning or beauty in everything and soak it up. Whether it is culture, scenery, personalities, a brand or a business I strive to learn more and to represent it through photos, description, and design.

Enjoy. And if you need help finding your own visual language, well, let’s talk.