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Floating Market Day!

I only got about three hours of sleep last night… I’ll thank my childlike excitement about going to the floating market for that!

Imagine hundreds of little souvenir shops, food vendors, and grocery stores lined up along a canal and placed into canoe-like boats. This is the floating market. We drove for about an hour and a half outside of Bangkok to reach the small town where the floating market is located.

We arrived at a small boat landing where we had ice cream for breakfast, a treat from our guide because it “is too hot out to not have ice cream.” We boarded our boat and were on our way through a series of canals surrounded by coconut plantations and dilapidated houses.

Canal to floating market.

The market was originally for locals to buy groceries and trade goods, but since it was discovered as a place for tourists to visit it has turned into a bit of a souvenir nightmare. But most of the souvenir shops are along the side of the canal, and the boats are mostly filled with the traditional goods.

Souvenir man!

Soup boat.

Women trading.

Monk shopping.

Up front and center! Me on floating market boat.

Market after it died down a bit.

I did give in and buy one of these beautiful monk paintings from this guy. He was painting them right there. I also bought a crazy four-eyed laughing man painting which he made in college and was very reluctant to give up, but after I told him that I would be hanging it in my house for all my friends to see, he was pleased to pass it on to me.

After we got off of our boat, I went over and befriended this gem of a lady.


She even let me sit on her boat (which is not easy to balance, let me tell you!).

I wanted to grab some soup in the market, but you would think I were wanting to play Russian Roulette the way my dad reacted. This is the first very exotic place that he has traveled to, and is terrified of the local water and sanitation, which is probably good thinking but I like to take my chances and absorb everything I can.. especially the food! But I let him win this time, and really it was a win win because look at this lunch! Curry pineapple rice with tofu.. served in a pineapple! Yumm.

Pineapple rice with tofu!

After lunch, we headed back to our hotel.. which is absolutely beautiful!

The Peninsula, Bangkok.

We ended the day with a traditional Thai massage, which is like yoga for a lazy person. You stay clothed and the bend and stretch you every which way. It feel wonderful! And is such a steal.. they come to your hotel and give you a Thai massage for an hour and a half for $20.. and that’s the tourist price! I couldn’t bring myself to even attempt to bargain when It is already 1/4 of the cost of a massage at home.

So now I’m heading to bed, and waking up at 5, jumping on another plane, bidding adieu to Bangkok, and moving onto Chang Rai, a city in northern Thailand which is supposed to be beautiful. And in the afternoon I get to play with elephants! Probably going to be restless with excitement all night again.. Oh well!

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Senses on Overdrive

The craziest most surreal experience I have had traveling is without a doubt when I visited India.

The smells, noises, tastes, and sights are all incredibly intense and overwhelming all at once. The only place that you aren’t on overdrive is in your hotel room.. and that can even be trying at times.

My mom and I visited India over Spring Break one year, and only planned the trip about 3 days before we were to leave. I like spontaneity.

We were going for 10 days and visiting about 5 different cities, so lots of driving and flying but there was never a dull moment. I won’t be writing about food this time, they had some amazing dishes ( I grew especially fond to paneer, a cheese found in this area) but after this trip I still have a hard time eating Indian.. we were both horribly sick for months after coming home.

Most of the photos I’m posting speak for themselves so enjoy, and if you ever get a chance to visit India you should but be ready.

Ever wonder where your garments you buy that are "PreWashed" are washed? Here it is.

This girl, who seemed to be about 3 years old was begging by herself on a pier.

Amazing architecture!

No need to go to a dentist office, teeth are pulled on the streets.

Now here is some graphic design!

This last photo needs a little explanation. As you may know, cows are seen as sacred in the Hindu religion. If you own a cow, it is customary each day to release your cow out onto the streets to roam around, and then everyone feeds the cows. This is not only in rural areas, driving around New Delhi is like playing dodge the cow.
Well I had some feed for the cows in a bag that I had hanging from my arm. I was near this cow (or bull?) and he must have smelt my food. He was impatient and decided to charge me and ram his horns into my bag of food. Of course he didn’t have good aim so his horns ended up puncturing my Canon Rebel that was wrapped around my neck (thankfully that was there or it would have been my lungs!) and then the strap wrapped around his horn.
So there I was camera strap around my neck and the hungry cows horns.
Where was my mom? Filming this. Of course she was yelling “Marina Run.” Silly mom.
I grabbed his horn, popped my camera off and stepped back quickly. I did go back for a picture, every good story needs a picture right?

The Cow that Attacked Me

Overall it was an amazing trip, and I’m finally feeling like I could go back again!

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