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Bad Camera Day…

… everyone has one, and today was mine.

We visited another part of Angkor today where giant trees have grown in and around the temples. It is an unexplainable sight, and almost seems staged. I expected Indiana Jones to show up at any minute, or a roller coaster to go by like the “ancient” worlds in Busch Gardens.

So how could it possibly be a bad camera day you ask? Well, as you could assume, I went crazy with the “click, clicks” at every corner of the complex, but when I got home to upload the photos only half were there. HALF.

I held my composure, and have decided to relive today again… tomorrow. Luckily trees and stones won’t be moving around on me tonight so I should be able to get some of my shots back tomorrow.

Here are two of the photos that weren’t deleted to give you a sneak peak, but I will be posting lots more tomorrow.

Tree growing on temple at Angkor


Peek- a-boo

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